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The Secret in Whitetail Lake 11th Installment by Christine Husom

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The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department found two bodies in an old vehicle recovered from an area lake, opening up a decades old cold case. And meantime, the sheriff has gone missing. This picks up where the last entry left off.

Chapter 6

Chief Deputy Mike Kenner called a meeting for eight o’clock the next morning. Smoke phoned me at seven. “It’s for all the command staff and supervisors,” he explained.

“If it Kenner got out of his recovery bed, it must be about the sheriff.”

“Yeah, the media got wind of it and let’s just say if—when—it gets posted on a social media site, it will go viral.”

“Great. I wonder if there is a big bubble somewhere I can put my mother in until the sheriff reappears.”

“Corky, I know you do your best to protect your mother, and most of the time it’s with good reason. But in this…

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