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NYTimes: Ban Before Reading

Ban Before Reading


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Bibliophile Problems

My Writing Journey

I came across this Buzzfeed article, 17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understandand I thought I would supplement their list with tumblr posts, one of the truest sources of Bibliophilia. So welcome to the daily struggle of a bibliophile.

1. Your books are your babies

2. You must issue a fair warning

And if we lend them to you, that’s a whole new level of trust.

3. When you have a favorite bookstore

4. When you order books online

5. Priorities

6. This continuous problem

7. Your to-read shelf is bigger than your read shelf

8. So much to read…

9. You realize it will never be like this again

10. When you make a terrible mistake #1

11. When you make terrible mistake #2

12. When you get so sucked in

13. All night er night

14. Why no soundtrack???

15. No man left behind

16. I’M…

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