Book Review:Dog Crazy by Meg Donohue

massachusetts novel

Non-Spoilery Section:

So very recently I finished “Dog Crazy” by Meg Donohue. My mother bought it for me for christmas because it is about dogs, and I love dogs, and the main character’s name is Maggie (*cough cough* that’s me). It is about a therapist who has recently moved out to San Fransisco to start up a pet bereavement counseling program. Unfortunately she recently had to put down her own dog, who was her whole world. Now her life is in shambles and she is literally falling apart. However, a young woman comes to her for help and this allows Maggie to try and pick herself up and attempt to move on, but this also introduces a big mystery into the story as well, and that is all I will tell you about it. The whole book focuses on how important pets are in our lives and how hard it…

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