The Laundry Room

Dragons & Invisible Ink

The Laundry Room

Whitney Carter

2016-01-19 09.31.43She thudded ungracefully down the basement stairs, the laundry basket clasped against one hip, bumping against the wall with each step. The fifth step down gave a familiar squeak as she gathered scattered pieces of cat litter between her toes. Double checking the bottom step – months ago, she hadn’t been paying attention and stepped out for the concrete below too soon – she chastised herself for not taking a moment to put on a pair of socks.

She turned almost 360 degrees and all but tossed the basket onto the dryer. It was simply too early to be awake, despite the fact that she knew if she went back to her warm covers and neglected these early morning tasks, it would catch up with her in the afternoon. Absently, she pulled the little string on the naked light bulb, illuminating the little room with…

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