Book Review: The Builders, by Daniel Polansky

Dial H For Houston

When I was a kid, I read entirely too many Brian Jacques novels.

At the time, it was enough to read simple, straightforward adventures about mice with swords- but all these years later, the books really, really don’t hold up that well.

The Builders, by Daniel Polansky, isn’t a direct continuation of the Redwall novels, or even written in the spirit of them. I suppose you could argue the book’s a postmodern response to the Redwall books, similar to how A Song of Ice & Fire is written as the flipside of traditional epic fantasy. Really though, there’s the biggest similarity is due to the cast of anthropomorphic animals.

daniel2bpolansky2b-2bthe2bbuilders Really, that mouse should be toting a shotgun, not a sword. Covers lie!

Using animal-characters is a fun bit of narrative shorthand that Polansky puts to good use. I mean, when a character is literally a toad, or a shrew…

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