Review: ‘Best of Apex Magazine’

The Oxford Culture Review

More than any other genre, science fiction is one built on the short story. Really formalising as a genre in the pulp magazines of the early twentieth century, science fiction (or more broadly speculative fiction) often benefits from a sense of brevity, giving ideas room to germinate without becoming over-complicated, and allowing for the creation of sharp, iconic images. It is for this reason that genre magazines persist to this day, and the internet has allowed for wider audiences and new types of stories. What better format for our increasingly advanced (and time-pressed) age? One of the most influential and acclaimed of these new publications has been Apex Magazine. Of the twenty authors in its debut anthology, six of them are either nominees or winners of major SF awards, including Ken Liu, Ursula Vernon, and Rachel Swirsky. This is a book with some serious pedigree, but…

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