Don’t Stop Now

From Jen's Bookshelf


There is not really a back story to why I chose this book other than I had read another book by Julie Halpern (The F*** It List) and I am a sucker for a good road trip story. Don’t Stop Now follows a fresh out of high school Lillian and her best friend that she happens to also be in love with, Josh. Lillian’s friend Penny had informed her that she had been planning to fake her own kidnapping before they graduated. Now at the beginning of summer Lillian gets phone call from Penny with only the phrase “I did it.” leading Lillian to believe that she did fake her own kidnapping. Lillian and Josh then go on a road trip from Chicago to Portland in hopes of finding Penny. And maybe finding love along the way.

I am just going to say it, this book was a…

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