Book Review: Thaw

Rainbow of Books

Author: Fiona Robyn

Published: January 1st 2010 by Snowbooks (First published November 1st 2009)

Ruth is thirty-two. And she gave herself three months to decide if she wants to continue living. As she considers between life and death, she keeps a journal. A page for each day and she intends on filling both sides. During that duration, she starts to form more relationships with the people around her. She tries out new things because what is there to lose? After all she assures herself that she has only three months to live.

Until Red. Ruth saw an advertisement in the papers about a portrait artist and she decided to get her portrait done. Only thing is: Red paints the soul, not the person. The deal was that Ruth will go to his place to sit for him twice a week for six weeks and before the end of six weeks…

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