Maximum Ride Book Review By Shelby Hackett

Sci High Times

From James Patterson comes a fantastical story of six kids who’ve escaped from a lab. These six kids are extraordinary, raised and mutated in a lab, being 98% human and 2% bird they all have wings! Yes, wings. They were broken out of a crazy place called the school, where they were treated terrible. Kept in cages and raised by themselves and each other, they grew up strong. A scientist broke them out, gave them a place to live, and taught them to survive before vanishing. They live in peace for years until Erasers come after them. Erasers are the mutations of male humans and wolves, they ferocious and they hunt for the School.

When the Erasers invade, they kids take charge and fight for their home and freedom. Max, the leader (and the oldest by a month) arranges a rescue mission for Angel, the youngest who has been taken…

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