The Wait (Book Review)

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

The Wait is a relationship-based book by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good that I am definitely hanging on to for my future children’s 18th birthdays-just to get their adult dating life started right.

I’d also buy it for each one of you if I could, but seeing as I cannot, please do yourselves a favour 🙂

Without giving too much away, The Wait is a book on patience. Patience primarily in the pursuit of true love but in every other area of our lives as well. It’s a book on the incredible results that emanate from being true to God and ourselves.

While “God is at the core of the wait; you’re doing all of this to give him room to work in your life”, you do not have to be particularly spiritual or religious to read and benefit from the principles of The Wait.

It is a practical…

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