Wolves of the Beyond

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Hello! Welcome to a series review which includes my favorite animal the wolf. The “Wolves of the Beyond” series By: Kathryn Lasky follows Faolan in his adventures along with his friends. Faolan is a gnaw wolf which means that he has a deformity. The gnaw wolves are the  lowest rank amount the clans, who sadly get treated very poorly. But then again there are people in real life that are similar to the gnaw wolves, wether it be in the fact they have a deformity or get treated badly or even both. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today, I’m talking about a book about wolves. Faolan was taken away from his mother like all “machaldahs”(sorry if I spelled it wrong) and left on a “tumfraw” (this I know I spelled right) to die or maybe if they are strong enough survive. If they do survive then…

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