Book Review: The White Plague

David Gilchrist

Finished listening to The White Plague by Frank Herbert.  Yes, another Frank Herbert book.  This one ain’t part of the Dune cannon this time, just a stand alone job.

Rough plot synopsis: An IRA bomb kills the wife and children of a brilliant bio scientist. He suffers a psychological episode due to this and decides to design a plague.  He decides to target this genetically engineered disease to affect only females.  Then he unleashes the virus in three places: Ireland, Libya and the USA.

Once released, the plague kills most of the woman on the planet, spreading beyond the limits of the original scheme.

The book follows the decent of the protagonist ( John ) as he flicks between the personalities he has created.

All in all, it’s a strange book.  There’s enough technical detail in the genetics to please fans of hard sci-fi (but what else would you expect…

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