Just Fall by Nina Sadowsky

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Wow, what a thrilller!  For the past few books I have tended towards chick lit and lighter reads.  Just Fall by Nina Sadowsky was not the case.  This was a page turning thriller with murder, mystery and heat.  Sadwosky is no stranger to writing as she is seasoned screenwriter and producer.  Just Fall being her first novel was a great debut and definitely made me a fan and excited for her next book!

Just Fall takes place in St. Lucia with Ellie and Rob.  Having just gotten married they head out on their honeymoon.  A gorgeous couple with many hidden secrets and lies.  Rob grew up in a dysfunctional family with a mother who suffered from abuse and a father who he never knew.  All Rob knew was an abusive step father who beat his mom.  Ellie is the picture perfect blonde with a good family and life in…

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