REVIEW- AngelFall by Susan Ee

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Angel Fall by Susan Ee

AngelFallAngelFall by Susan Ee is an apocalyptic representation of what might happen if God decided to rage on the earth and kill everyone. It starts with Penryn (A strange name when I first heard it but I like it.) a young 17-year-old girl trying to stay away from the Angels and gangs that ravage and kill, plus trying to keep her sister and mother out of harms way. When trying to leave the city, Penryn meets Raffe, a mysterious angel who she first thought of as the enemy but ended up saving him. All Penryn wanted was to have a normal life with her family, she knows that’s never going to happen…

So I’d like to start off with how fast I read this book. I stayed up till past midnight on two different nights trying to finish it and see what happens next. Through…

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