Amelia Dyer and the Baby Farm Murders by Angela Buckley

Lost in a good book

Amelia Dyer

We cannot help being fascinated by true life crimes and how they are solved.  This sensational tale has been thoroughly researched and told in an easily read style which gives us a realistic picture of late 19th century life.

Unmarried mothers at that time, not only suffered deep shame but would also lose their jobs and probably end up in the workhouse.  The alternatives were to do away with their baby or to find a baby farm.  Middle aged women like Amelia Dyer advertised for babies, whom, for a fee they would take care of.  Frequently these babies would be sold on to another, although some women genuinely wanted a child as a companion and helpmate.  To provide anonymity for the mother (and also the baby farmer) the baby was often handed over in a large railway station.

Amelia Dyer first took in babies while living in the Bristol…

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