Maze of Untitled Shores


Who doesn’t like travelling? Who doesn’t like travelling in the greens? Who would refuse to have a peek in the World’s largest Delta? The Hungry Tideby Amitav Ghosh explores the journey of a Bengali-American cetologist, Piyali Roy who embarks on a journey to conduct a research on the Orcaella Dolphins inhabiting the Sundarbans. On her way to Sundarbans, she comes across Kanai, a businessman who offers her to visit his place Lushibari and later becomes her translator. Along with Fokir, a native fisherman, Piyali traverses the forests, bãdhs, rivers, mohona, villages of the dazzling archipelago. It is a story painted and sparkled with adventure and history, separations and unseparations, happiness and unhappiness, told and untold truth, inevitability of life and death.

Will Piyali be successful in her research?

Is she going to leave the Sundarbans empty-handed?

Will this journey bring about a change in the lives of other characters…

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