The Bricks That Build The Houses by Kate Tempest


06_tempest_housesThe first pages of The Bricks That Built The Houses read like a whirlwind of words, dazzling descriptions that dance around the page. Words appear and then disappear, like ghosts. Rapper, playwright and poet Kate Tempest, who has won the Ted Hughes Award for Brand New Ancients, an hour long spoken word story accompanied by an orchestra, shakes these creations out of her sleeve with ease. The books’s poetry slam like beginning, which returns in flashes throughout the book, sets the tone for the story of Becky, Pete and Harry. A dancer, a drifter and a drug dealer, who circle around each other until things spiral out of control.

The story sees Becky, Harry and Harry’s friend Leon leaving London in a car with a big bag of money. It then rewinds and starts at the beginning again, of how they reached this point and with that, the actual story…

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