Series review: Brotherband Chronicles

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I started re-reading a really good series by John Flanagan this week, and I thought it might be a good one to blog about. The Brotherband Chronicles is actually the follow-up to an also-good-though-I-never-blogged-about-it series, The Ranger’s Apprentice. The Brotherband Chronicles is set in “Skandia”. This is Flanagan’s version of Norway, I think. Except that here, all men are “sea wolves,” or raiders, and the whole society is one huge, violent, big, happy family. Hal is half Araluen (A country across the Stormwhite sea from Skandia) and all of his life, he struggled to be accepted.


Then he and his brotherband (a team of 8-12 boys, training for three months when they turn 16 to become a man) won the “brotherband trials”, which are a series of tests that the three brotherbands of the year had to endure. Then he lost the Andomal, Skandia’s greatest treasure. The…

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