Book Review: Carol by Patricia Highsmith

The Student Ink

By Ziyan Chow


One might be reminded of Christmas Carols upon coming across the book, but the title refers to the love interest of the main character, Carol Aird.

Regardless of whether one has heard of this author, Patricia Highsmith is famous for her psychological thrillers in the 1950s. One of them, Carol, initially known as The Price of Salt, was first published in the 1950s under the pseudonym “Claire Morgan”.

The book was Highsmith’s first work revolving on the topic of same-sex relationships.

Set in New York during the 1950s, the book tells the story of the lonely Therese Belivet, who aspires to be a theater set designer. Being with a man she does not love, she finds herself infatuated with Carol, an attractive blond in her early 30s at the toy department store Therese works at.

While Carol may seem to be a happily married woman with an adorable daughter…

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2 responses to “Book Review: Carol by Patricia Highsmith

  1. Have you already watched the movie? I’m thinking of watching the movie first before reading the book. 🙂


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