A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwa



Ok, so this review has been a LONG time coming for me.  I finished this a while back, and have read a few other books since but I have not had the time to write any of my reviews, so without further ado….

This book was so captivating that I simply COULD NOT put it down, and after finishing it, it moved up in to my top 10, quite possibly top 5 favorite books.  V.E. Schwab has a way with weaving magic through words.  I really enjoyed the idea of layering the world into parallels of the same place.  Schwab writes about 4 different Londons; Grey London which has no magic, White London which has a dark chaotic magic about it, Red London which is powerful and has magic in balance, and Black London which has been consumed by magic. Only the Antari, a powerful type of magician, can travel…

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One response to “A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwa

  1. Ola

    I need this book! I’ve read so many, SO MANY, good reviews and I still have to read it. Maybe after I finish Illuminae I’ll pick up this one.

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