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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


The circus comes to town with out a warning. The tents pop up over night. People gather around the gate to find a sign that says the circus will open from dusk to dawn. What kind of circus is only open at night?
In The Night Circus you meet Hector Bowen and A.H also known as Alexander. They are both Illusionist who have played a game with each oit for years. This game pits Alexanders and Hector’s players at each other. It could go on for years before a winner is declared. This time around Hector has chosen his very own daughter Celia to play this game. Alexander then choose a young boy around the same age as Celia his name is Marco. Years ago by as they practice and learn.

Then the circus is born after multiple midnight dinners. It’s not your typical circus. The circus is draped in…

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Nevernight – Review

Tea Reads


Holy. Jesus. This book absolutely deserves all the hype it is getting!!

It was a tinsey bit predictable? (I knew Ash was going to betray her (but I DIDN’T pick that she was working with the Luminatii) and that she was going to end up being a blade even though she didn’t kill that innocent.

I was sad that Lord Cassius died because he was a really interesting character and him and Mia would have made a really interesting combo.

I loved all the different powers and the downsides to them! Such a good idea!!! I found the gods SUPER interesting and because I’m a sucker for greek gods all the backstories to Aa and Niah were SO GOOD!!

TRIC omg 90% sure he’s still alive but also kinda hope he’s not because that’s more obvious? If he is alive though I reckon he’ll be pissed she killed his…

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