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Catling’s Bane, by D. Wallace Peach: #BookReview.

Stuart Aken

Catlings bane

310 pages.

Science Fiction and Fantasy.

What an engaging tale this is. It says a lot for the quality of the writing and the compelling nature of the story that I continued to read this despite some pretty difficult issues in my online/working life at the time!

I’m a reader who loves books where characters drive story. Plot driven books generally leave me cold. This novel has a cast of players that are easy to empathise with; even the villains. They are drawn in fascinating detail with all their flaws and all their glories to make them real people who are easy to engage with throughout the story.

The book has been well edited and is presented in a professional manner; important points in these times when there are so many books from which to choose. In spite of the sometimes tough scenes, it’s also a book I thoroughly enjoyed…

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