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City of Ghosts by V.E. SCHWAB | Book Review + Discussion

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So to start-off this month of September, we’ll be doing a non-spoilery book review and discussion by one of the highly anticipated books this year 2018 which is City of Ghosts by V. E Schwab!

Y’ALL DON’T KNOW HOW EXCITED I AM TO FINALLY READ THIS BOOK, but unfortunately life’s being a jerk and it wouldn’t let me finish reading it for one night *coughs* school *coughs*.  The whole past week of school has pretty much been one hell of a ride, I couldn’t pick up a book without being guilty about my school works. Fortunately there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and I literally allotted this day just to finish reading this book.

So this blog post would be divided into two: (1) A non-spoilery book review for those who haven’t read the book and (2) a Book Discussion where we can discuss all those…

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