Catling’s Bane, by D. Wallace Peach: #BookReview.

Stuart Aken

Catlings bane

310 pages.

Science Fiction and Fantasy.

What an engaging tale this is. It says a lot for the quality of the writing and the compelling nature of the story that I continued to read this despite some pretty difficult issues in my online/working life at the time!

I’m a reader who loves books where characters drive story. Plot driven books generally leave me cold. This novel has a cast of players that are easy to empathise with; even the villains. They are drawn in fascinating detail with all their flaws and all their glories to make them real people who are easy to engage with throughout the story.

The book has been well edited and is presented in a professional manner; important points in these times when there are so many books from which to choose. In spite of the sometimes tough scenes, it’s also a book I thoroughly enjoyed…

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Sometimes I lie review…



Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

This book reminded me why psychological thrillers are one of my favorite genres.

Unreliable narrator ✔️

Twist and turns ✔️

Short chapters ✔️

These my friends are the recipe for an amazing thriller.

Page one:

My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know:

  1. I’m in a coma
  2. My husband doesn’t love me anymore
  3. Sometimes I Lie.

👀 yea, I was hooked.

I’m not going to say anymore…trust me on this. If you enjoy psychological thrillers…grab this book in March.


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Sometimes I Lie

Audio Killed the Bookmark

Sometimes I LieSometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 stars


My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me: 
1. I’m in a coma. 
2. My husband doesn’t love me anymore. 
3. Sometimes I lie. 

Amber wakes up in a hospital. She can’t move. She can’t speak. She can’t open her eyes. She can hear everyone around her, but they have no idea. Amber doesn’t remember what happened, but she has a suspicion her husband had something to do with it. Alternating between her paralyzed present, the week before her accident, and a series of childhood diaries from twenty years ago, this brilliant psychological thriller asks: Is something really a lie if you believe it’s the truth?


After a synopsis like that how could I not read this??

Amber wakes up in hospital, well when I say wake up, she is…

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Review: Written in Blood by Layton Green



Release date: November 7, 2017

Publisher: Seventh Street Books

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Detective Joe “Preach” Everson, a prison chaplain turned police officer, is coming home. After a decade tracking down killers in Atlanta, and with a reputation as one of the finest homicide detectives in the city, his career derailed when he suffered a mental breakdown during the investigation of a serial killer who was targeting children.

No sooner does Preach arrive at home in Creekville, North Carolina–a bohemian community near Chapel Hill–than a local bookstore owner is brutally killed, the first murder in a decade. The only officer with homicide experience, Preach is assigned to the case and makes a shocking discovery: the bookstore owner has been murdered in exactly the same manner as the pawnbroker in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.

With the help of Ariana Hale, a law student and bibliophile who knew the…

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The Tainted Vintage – Clare Blanchard

Bookshine And Readbows

*I received a free ARC of this book.The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*



A mayor found dead in his wine cellar on his 57th birthday.

A local establishment determined to brush it under the carpet.

Two local detectives who don’t exactly get on.

As they uncover the dark secrets behind Daniel Slansky’s murder, will they even live to tell the tale?

The Tainted Vintage is an elegant crime novel set in Eastern Europe.

The atmosphere is quite dark, with drugs and alcohol in wide use, and our two main protagonists living difficult, or bleak and lonely lives.

The plot twists and turns, taking us from wine tasting, through drugs, gambling, anti-Semitism and child abuse, so there are plenty of possible motives and suspects for the murder under investigation.

Throughout the story it is clear that Dvorska, our female protagonist, is desperately seeking a justice that…

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The Woods Part 1 (1985) by L.V. Gaudet

LV Gaudet, author

The WoodsIt is an ordinary forest, as far as spooky looking woods go, filled mostly with craggy twisted oak trees, their gnarled branches reaching like skeletal fingers and deeply wrinkled cracked-bark covered trunks. The trees cluster together, their branches twisted and tangled together, daring any to enter their midst.

The land here lies low and wet in the spring, leaving the stand of trees a small island of stick-like saplings and sparse tall yellow grass invaded by wild roses with their sharp thorns standing in a shallow bath of melt water throughout the springtime months.

They are far from a silent woods. A small stretch of thick growth surrounded by fields of crops interspersed with some areas abandoned to grass, weeds, and stray crop seeds. Against one side of this stretch of trees, amidst the farm fields, is also nestled a small happy community. The woods team with life, red and…

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‘Tipping Point’ by @TerryTyler4 #TuesdayBookBlog #BookReview

Alison Williams Writing


‘I didn’t know danger was floating behind us on the breeze as we walked along the beach, seeping in through the windows of our picture postcard life.’

The year is 2024. A new social networking site bursts onto the scene. Private Life promises total privacy, with freebies and financial incentives for all. Across the world, a record number of users sign up.

A deadly virus is discovered in a little known African province, and it’s spreading—fast. The UK announces a countrywide vaccination programme. Members of underground group Unicorn believe the disease to be man-made, and that the people are being fed lies driven by a vast conspiracy.

Vicky Keating’s boyfriend, Dex, is working for Unicorn over two hundred miles away when the first UK outbreak is detected in her home town of Shipden, on the Norfolk coast. The town is placed under military controlled quarantine and, despite…

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Book Review – Light Bringer by Pat Bertram

The intangible world of the literary mind

I am re-posting this book review on a book that deserved more recognition than it got.

Light Bringer by Pat Bertram, an author who has done so much over the years to help developing authors.


When strange things happen people go to Chalcedony.  But what is so special about the little town?

Helen Jenks’ life changed with a drive home on a snowy night.  That change came in the form of an infant girl, who she calls Rena, which she finds abandoned on her doorstep.

It becomes immediately apparent that Rena is not your usual kind of abandoned-on-the-doorstep baby.  There is something special about the child.  Helen soon finds herself living on the run with the child, but on the run from who or what?

And that is where her story ends and the real story begins.

Philip Hansen opens his door to unexpected guests, Agent’s Derrick and Hugh…

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#BlogBlitz #Review Wormwood by @LarryEnmon @Bloodhoundbook

On The Shelf Reviews

Title: Wormwood by Larry Enmon

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Genre: Mystery/Thriller.


In Dallas, Texas, Katrina Wallace goes missing. As the mayor’s daughter, her kidnapping triggers mounting political pressure and forces the Chief of Police to put two senior detectives on the case. Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce have done the impossible in the past, but their methods are unconventional.

The only evidence at the scene is a Bible found in the girl’s car and soon Frank and Rob find themselves involved in a disturbing investigation shrouded by Bible prophecy, doomsday cults, and murder.

Is Katrina still alive? And what exactly is Wormwood?

As the trail leads them into the woods of rural East Texas, Frank must deal with his lingering religious doubts and solve the case. His worst fears will be realised when he must discover the ugly truth about Wormwood. But he and Rob will have to get out…

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The Breakdown

Popping Thoughts

by B.A. Paris

I haven’t read her book Behind Closed Doors, but the first time I saw it, I know it will be good. And with all the raves and good praises online, I still haven’t got my hand on that book…😔

wp-1507910158660..jpegAnyways.., saw this story, saw who the author and requested for the book.

The middle of the story made me cringe, literally skip some pages because I think.. that those are just fillers. I mean, I am not exactly sure what is enough on building the character but I think for this book is a little too much. A lot of suspense happened, and when I got 89% , I started reading it normally again and I can’t put it down! I even brought this to the office C.R. and finish it..😆

I must say, this made me think.. Cass IS smart, despite of what happened and what…

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